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You've been through the Academy.  You've worked hard to develop your skills, while serving your current agency.  Maybe you've obtained your Intermediate or Advanced DPSST certificates along the way.  Now, you're looking for a work-life balance that allows you to enjoy your time off, while being active in your community with family and friends.  We want to talk to you!

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The Patrol teams work four 11.25 hour days, followed by four days off.  Quarterly, each team participates in a six hour training day, where valuable refresher topics such as defensive tactics, EVOC, CPR/First Aid, and recent legal updates are covered.  This schedule, combined with a set training day every quarter, makes finding a balance between work and home time easier.

Pay Structure

Starting salary 

Card Credit Text' Business Wallet Friends 'Best CH00001076 Card Holder Azeeda Lateral officers are currently being offered a variety of pay incentives upon hiring, based on DPSST certification level and placement in hiring process.  Please see example below:

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Basic  $6,104/month  Step 4 of 5 
Intermediate  $6,653/month  9% above Basic
Advanced  $6,958/month  14% above Basic
Potential Annual  $83,502 - $92,043  Card Holder 'Best Wallet Text' CH00001076 Credit Business Card Friends Azeeda Text' Azeeda Wallet Card 'Best Holder CH00001076 Card Friends Business Credit 14% above Basic and Paid Holiday

Hiring bonus and moving expenses

  • $7,500 bonus ($3,750 upon hire and $3,750 upon successful completion of probationary period)
  • Moving expenses possibly reimbursed (up to $1,000)

Leave bonus incentive

  • 40 hours of sick time and 40 hours of vacation time awarded upon hiring

Holiday bank

  • 13.5 hours of holiday time per month, in the form of pay or compensatory time

Text' Card Credit Wallet Card 'Best Holder Friends Azeeda CH00001076 Business Rotational specialty assignments

  • Ability to enhance career opportunities through three year rotational positions in Detectives, SRO's, and Traffic teams.

Community Enhancement Program (CEP)

  • Successful participation in CEP adds 2% pay incentive through October 2018 (per current Collective Bargaining Agreement.)


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