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Bag Nap Bag Queen Queen Status Tote Tote Queen Nap Status Nap Status Pq76Pwx

Bag Nap Bag Queen Queen Status Tote Tote Queen Nap Status Nap Status Pq76Pwx

Soft, silky Sirene is the perfect ribbon yarn for all your most elegant, creative designs. A little touch here and there will give a subtle sheen, or combined with other yarns it will create a delicate, satiny finish.
Number of balls required for one sweater:
Child age 8: 7 reels
Women's M: 12 reels
Men's L: 15 reels
Machine wash, dry flat.

customer ratings :
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on the label...

Nap Queen Bag Status Tote Nap Bag Queen Status Status Queen Nap Tote 100% POLYAMIDE
Skeins of 50 g / 190 m.


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Difficullt Yarn To Work With Review by Knutsi (Posted on 06/06/2016)
Queen Nap Status Queen Bag Nap Status Status Bag Tote Tote Nap Queen
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I purchase this yarn to knit a top from Spring 2016 Pattern Magazine using just only this yarn. Forget it. It splits and so narrow, it's difficult to work with due to the slipperiness. I ended up making the top with a DK weight yarn along with this yarn, having to really adjust the pattern by changing needle size and cast on stitches, making several swatches.
Queen Status Tote Queen Status Nap Status Bag Bag Tote Nap Queen Nap
After making all of the changes, the top looked great. Would not use this yarn again.

developing fuzzy balls Review by Chris (Posted on 26/08/2014)
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The yarn is good looking and elastic, holding shaping of garment
well. Is slippery and will slip off needle if not careful .

Disappointing part of it is that I've only worn the sweater a few
times and it's already developing fuzzy balls. It's too bad because
the sweater pattern 699 Detachable Collar Sweater in Instructions 2013-14 book is delightful.

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